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tree services

All tree services are completed in accordance with British Standards BS3998:2010 by NPTC Qualified Arborists.

You don’t have to worry about any tree planning applications or conservation areas checks, this is completed as part of the service.

Reductions & Pruning
A reduction and re shape is sometimes needed on trees with high amenity value, to ensure they are
able to thrive for years to come at optimal health. From crown reduction to end weight reduction on
bigger limbs.

Crown Raising
Raising a trees crown or canopy can have huge benefits to your garden boarders, and shady grassy
areas letting light in where it couldn’t get to before.

Dismantling & Technical Removals
Trees in tight spots or ones that have prize winning penstemons below them , we can safely take
down the tree to avoid any damages. Using lowering and rigging techniques to keep everything
damage free.

This is the process of removing any dead or damaged branches that pose a significant risk of falling
and causing injury or damage.

Its always a cost effective way to get rid of a tree if the conditions and surroundings allow it, and fun
to watch!

Typically done on Willows, Limes and London Planes(and lots of others), can appear quite drastic.
But a well practiced technique to maintain a larger trees canopy.

Fruit & Nut Pruning
If you want the most out of your fruit and nut trees they must be meticulously pruned, and cared
for. We can get your fruit trees producing the fruit that you want.

Hedge Trimming
Yearly maintained or a one off reduction for easier management and general up keep for the

Tree Planting
The perfect addition to any garden, especially if you have just removed one. We can source and
plant the trees or shrubs to suit your garden.

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Call 07816 981 007 to discuss any tree-related projects or needs you have.

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